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application as our
Website is being
Our first home (Silver Wings) is located at
6223 Corte Alzira NW

We are located near
Unser and Irving.  
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Welcome to The Silver Wings Family of
Residential Assisted Living Homes in Albuquerque
Our second home (Silver Wings @ Academy) is
located at 9846 Academy St. NW

We are located near
Paradise & Golf Course.
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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a
visit, feel free to call Pat at either number listed below.
Pat is the owner of both
assisted living businesses and
an administrator for the
Academy house
Rose is an administrator of
the Corte Alzira house and the
house manager for the
Academy House
Saundra is our on-call nurse
for both houses.  She does
assessments and advises us
as needed
Silver Wings Assisted Living, LLC
House Phone: (505) 922-8993
Silver Wings Assisted Living @ Academy, LLC
House Phone (505) 898-9320