About Our Home and our Staff
About the Staff & Owner
Silver Wings is an assisted living facility that has a level of care for an
individual that is not completely independent with all their needs yet not
ready for a nursing home. Our facility can help you or your loved one
stay as independent for as long as possible. When an aging senior
begins to require assistance with basic activities of daily living such as
bathing, dressing, or toileting, this is the time to consider Silver Wings.
At Silver Wings, individuals can maintain their privacy and dignity and
have support services available to meet their needs.

We are here to help bridge the gap between independent living and a
nursing home. When the Golden years are upon you or your loved
ones, Silver Wings Assisted Living facility can help individuals achieve
the golden years since they will have others to cater to them throughout
their daily routine in a home like environment. Social activities are
extremely important in order to keep seniors mentally and physically
alive. This could be the difference between just surviving and thriving.
Silver Wings provides real value.
About our Home
Pat Robertson has been in the medical field over 25 years.  She has owned Silver Wings Since
it opened for business in the Fall of 2010.  In addition to owning the home, she works as a
caregiver to help keep her in touch with both the staff and residents.

We currently have 6 employees, and several have been with us almost since the beginning.  
The newest caregiver has come from Colorado and is glad to be here.

It is our belief that longevity in our caregivers helps in continuity of care for all of our residents.
Mission Statement
We believe and
understand there is no
place like home.  That is
why Silver Wings Assisted
Living's expert staff will
help you live comfortably
with caring and responsive
care.  Whether you need
someone for just a few
hours or a more supportive
long term arrangement,
Silver Wings Assisted
Living is here to help.
Our Mission is to provide
quality and affordable
assisted living care and
service that offer value
and exceed the
expectations of our
residents and their
families with highly
trained staff, safe and
comfortable homes,
gourmet meals and
customized levels of care..
Silver Wings Assisted Living
This is our home.
Pat and some
of her staff.