Welcome to Silver Wings Assisted Living

We believe the home environment to be a more comfortable setting for your loved one to
enjoy their twilight years with all of the amenities and activities you would expect from the
larger, institutional facility.

Silver Wings Assisted Living considers our residents a part of our own family. We offer you
as much care, independence, privacy and companionship as you want, with absolute peace
of mind. Family and friends are always welcome to come experience an enjoyable visit with a
loved one. We can provide activities programs that stimulates mind, body and spirit. We are
waiting for you with open hearts full of love.

Silver Wings is committed to couples as well as individuals.  We have a master bedroom
that can be used as a semi-private room for 2 residents or for a couple.

Do you or your loved one need to consider an assisted living facility?
If you are unsure if your loved one may need additional help, here are some warning signs
that possibly indicate the need for consideration of an assisted living facility:
•Unintentional weight loss
•Home safety issues
•Personal hygiene problems or changes in appearance
•Mood changes or signs of depression
•Mobility issues, such as trouble walking or going upstairs.
Silver Wings Assisted Living, LLC
What can we do for you or your loved one?